Three different suggestions for celebrating Thanksgiving using a slideshow

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating life. To add joy to the day in an easy, unconventional, and amazing way, here are three suggestions for celebrating Thanksgiving using a slideshow.

Celebrate Last Year

The entire purpose of this day is centered on being thankful for all the good things that happened during the year. To do so, nothing better than browsing your photo gallery, choosing the happiest moments of your year and using the Togness app, quickly make a video to celebrate the blessings received.

Honor the family

There is no greater tradition than giving thanks and honoring family ties, which is why Thanksgiving is traditionally spent in a family.

So it’s the ideal time to remember your ancestors, remember the dedication of those who took care of you, and thank them.

You can do it starting by collecting family photos and videos and upload them on the Togness app. Then easily make your slideshow, where you can choose quotes and music to honor ancestors and share it with your family.

Share memories with kids

Thanksgiving is a day to give. It’s a day to share love, experiences, and memories.

There are tons of memories that we have in our lives, but most of them are forgotten. We need to remember what happened in order to be able to tell someone about it. Memory is a really important thing.

So, what’s better than sharing your happy childhood memories with your children or nephews and nieces?

It could even be your childhood Thanksgiving memories. Look for photos of places you visited and liked, add some quotes to inspire and choose some music to accompany your slideshow. Open the chest looking for your child’s photos and then make an unforgettable video slideshow with the Togness app. The kids will love getting to know their family’s past and it will be a time of celebration on Thanksgiving Day.

Whichever way you choose, the important thing is to say thanks and celebrate.

Now with the help of, you can create something different from last year, that will add to the joy of Thanksgiving day.

By using you can remember valuable moments and share them during Thanksgiving.