Important Tips for Adding Text to Your Videos and Slideshows

Adding text to your videos and slideshows is very important. It can make them more accessible, understandable, and engaging to everyone and help your viewers follow the message even if the sound is off. According to Buffer, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, so having text on your videos is essential to make viewers understand what is going on.

To help you make your videos and slideshows even better, we’re sharing a few important tips for adding text to your videos. Let’s go!


Tip #1: Color

It’s crucial to choose the right color when adding text to your videos. The color of the text you add to your video should always contrast well with the video, since it’s important for the viewer to be able to read it easily.

Tip #2: Size

Assess the best size for your text. It shouldn’t be too small, otherwise, the viewer will have a hard time reading, and it shouldn’t be too big either, or it will overpower the video in the background.

Tip #3: Keep the text short

Try to write as little as possible, because short quotes will keep your video less heavy and more engaging. Adding too much text to a video can affect the aesthetics of the video and make the viewer uninterested. If you have a lot to write, try breaking things into smaller chunks and placing each phrase on a separate slide.

Tip #4: Placement

Keep in mind that the text and the action in the video should both be visible at the same time. This means that if your video has objects or actions occurring in the lower part of the screen, you might want to place your text in the upper part, and vice versa. This way, both the video and the text are visible.

Tip #5: Duration

You should always have into consideration how long the text stays on the screen. Always make sure you give the viewers enough time to read and comprehend the text you add in your slideshows. 

Tip #6: Timing

Pay attention to the moment the text appears in your videos! If your slideshow has music, try combining the entrance of your text to the beat of the music.

Tip #7: Shadow

Want to know how you can add text or quotes to your slideshows with Togness? It’s easy!

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