The best photo editor and slideshow maker app

Add famous quotes and music to your photos/videos that will leave you looking like a social media expert.


One app for all your life’s occasions

Togness will take the thinking out of your social media posts

It’s easy and quick!
Various aspect ratio’s and music lengths to nail your social media posts.
15 second….instagram stories
30 second…..FB stories max 20 secs
60 second +….IGTV.


Instant access to your photos and videos

Import from:

  • Phone library
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Quotes categorised for all your special occasions

Can’t find the right words, you can also write your own.

Our carefully curated music will add that final touch to your stories

Every track is available in four different music lengths

  • 15 sec
  • 30 sec
  • 60 sec
  • Full version 

Different lengths are perfect for social media posts.Listen before you choose. Even change it later!


Export quickly and
share within

Your social media posts will be a cinch!
Wow guests on a big screen at special events!
Wrap up some memories as a gift!

Non-technical and easy-to-use
story editor

Togness app will leave you looking like a social media posting expert and creative guru.


Togness Cloud for premium subscription

All your precious memories backed up to the cloud with cute screens.


Dark mode !

Our team cares about your needs, so we have added a dark theme that will harmoniously display in the dark.


Create quick story or blank story

Quick story – all automated, just three easy steps:
1.Choose your photos/videos,
2.Select quotes
3.Choose music

Blank story – take your time creating your masterpiece.

Upgrade to premium to unlock more content and features


Use for free with only restricted access to our full content database.
We believe it will be a lifelong relationship as we add more life occasions; travel, sport…….. and much more content.




Manage your account

Use social networks to manage your account.

A growing collection of stories

Plus travel/sport and more to come!!!

Download our iOS and Android app

Bookmark your memories, add quotes and music for your life`s every occasion.